josh looney


When someone has been around for a handful of decades there is a lot to know about them.  We can chat about all that over coffee but for right now you should know this.  I started my photography career in 2014 after leaving the corporate accounting world where I wasn't valued.  I made it my goal, through my art, to find value in myself and help others feel valued just as much.  Being photographed should feel good, and safe, and like an opportunity to see and express more than just your appearance.  You are more than what's in the mirror.

With that philosophy in mind I sometimes get asked when chatting with someone I'm going to photograph how I feel about pinterest and instagram.  My answer is always the same.  We can do better.  After working together my hope is that you feel good about yourself when you look at your photos.  Not necessarily because "I made you look hot" but because there is more there than your choice of shirt and shoes.  There is YOU!  There is personality and life and relationships that make you the work of art with or without the photo.  That's what I'm photographing.  Don't get me wrong though.  I'm a complete sucker for a killer pair of shoes.